What you might like to know

Policy Statements – how do we operate?
Please read and consider our policies on behaviour, child protection, equal opportunities and anti-discriminatory practice. Key school policies can be found under the "Our Academy" heading. Some of these are shared by nursery.

We believe in sharing information and working with YOU to promote YOUR child’s wellbeing, health and development and learning.

At White Hall Academy Nursery children are encouraged to be caring, co-operative, safe respectful and helpful. We encourage positive behaviour, as part of learning, in a supportive setting.

This promotes self-esteem, confidence, safety and self-discipline. Strategies will be discussed and shared with parents for consistency.

Child protection
We have all been DBS and OFSTED checked to ensure your child’s welfare/safety.

Equal Opportunities
Every child is different and has different needs, interests & abilities.

At White Hall Academy Nursery we help every child to reach their potential and treat every family with confidentiality and equal concern. Children are encouraged to play and develop in an anti-discriminatory environment.

Special needs
We promote inclusion; if your child needs additional help, activities or resources to make progress with their learning we will do our best to support him/her.

Please click below for our SEND Vision Statement and further information