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Useful information for parents
The website link below has plenty of information and advice on using the internet. There are lots of posters and leaflets on all different apps, and the how-to guides when setting apps up for our children.
If you need more information please get in contact.
Mrs Finbow-Jeffery
At White Hall Academy we recognise the importance of new technologies and the benefits to learning.

Equally, we are aware of the social aspects of new technologies and the dangers that may present.

Within our curriculum we plan opportunities to discuss and teach e-safety.

Advice for parents

National online Safety guides for parents - Free guides on online safety - Free Mobile app for parents to download
Please click on the links below to access our latest publication.
All of our staff receive regular e-safety training. If you wish to know more or have any worries or concerns please ask to speak to a member of staff.
Below is an checklist from CEOP (Child Exploitation Online Protection) to help you keep your child safe online
Hector's World Safety Button
Hector's World is a unique cyber safety initiative aimed at children aged 2-9. It is simple to install or uninstall on the majority of computers.

When a child sees something online that upsets or worries them, they can click on Hector's safety button (a blue dolphin who sits in the corner of the screen). This will cover the whole screen with a beautiful underwater scene and gives the child a positive written message, while encouraging them to get adult help. We have taught all of the children how to use Hector's button in school should the need arise.

If you would like to download Hector's Safety Button on your computers at home please click on the link below which will take you to the website.


We regularly hold e-safety workshops for parents and carers both during and after school. Our last workshop was very successful and gave parents the opportunity to work with their children for part of the session on internet safety matters.

We will let you know by letter and our newsletter when our next workshop will be.

If there are any particular areas you would like us to cover, then please let us know.