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After School Clubs
Our after school clubs will be commencing on Monday 15th January, some clubs will run for the whole term, some for half a term. 
The clubs will take place until 4.15pm/4.30pm, this will be confirmed should your application be successful.
You will receive confirmation from the club lead prior to the club starting.
If your child would like to attend a club please complete the form below – please make sure it is for their correct year group.

Please complete this form by 8th of January at Midday
A list of clubs can be found by clicking on the link below
e-Scooter safety
Please see the attached safety message regarding E-Scooters from Essex Police and The Safer Road Essex Partnership.

e-scooters are becoming more of an issue and a danger for our young people; with instances of children in primary school even owning e-scooters.

Attached is a flyer we have produced about e-scooters, to alert parents and carers on the facts and legalities around e-scooters, and highlight the dangers to your community.

The key points:
- Privately owned e-scooters are illegal to ride on the highway. Ones you can buy from shops like Halfords   can only be used on privately owned land, with the landowner’s permission.
- Trial hire scooters can only be ridden by people 18 years plus, with a driver’s licence. These scooters can   only be used by the person who created the Tier account.
- The storage of e-scooters at home or on school grounds can cause a fire risk with lithium battery fires.
- Riding an e-scooter puts the rider at much higher risk on the roads, any collision may be more serious.

Safer Essex Road priority is making Essex a safer place to live. We can only achieve Vision Zero, zero road deaths and serious injuries by 2040, together.
From September 2023 we need to change the structure of  our school day to meet the DfE directive, which says that schools should be delivering 32.5 hour per week of education.
The Academy gates will be opened at 8.35am 

Registration is at 8.45 am. If you child arrives after 8.45 am they will be recorded as late

The school day finishes at 3.15 pm for all pupils.

After school clubs and tuition will being at 3.15 pm and finish at 4.15 pm.
Information for parents/carers
Advice on illnesses
The school are obliged to follow the guidance given by NHS England. If you would like advice relating to any childhood illness, please contact Public Health East of England on 0300 303 8537.

To help you decide whether you should allow your child a day off when poorly, the NHS has produced guidance on common illnesses. This guidance is available via

This guidance underpins the Schools decision whether or not the reason provided for absence is to be authorised.

The message given is quite clear: Common or minor illnesses do not necessitate a day off school. Colds, coughs, sore throats and headaches are not acceptable reasons for your child’s absence from school. Absences for these reasons will not be authorised at White Hall Academy.

Please support us by ensuring your child attends school regularly.
In the Community
Co-op Dividend Account
White Hall Academy now has its own Co-op share account. Other Co-op members are able to donate their dividends on purchases to the Academy. If you would like to do this you just need to quote our Dividend number 634796 when making purchases from any East of England Co-op.

The dividends can be cashed in and used to purchase extra resources for the school.