White Hall Academy is committed to positive behaviour management as part of a whole school policy. We believe that being aware of each child’s needs and their individual circumstances helps us to act in the fairest way. We always consider the safety of other children and minimise disruption while helping children acquire self-discipline. Reinforcing positive behaviour helps our children feel good about themselves and creates an enabling environment for learning. Learning to behave appropriately is a developmental task that requires support, encouragement, teaching and setting the correct example.

We encourage all of our children to respect the right for others to learn and to take responsibility for their own actions and behaviour. The Academy has 3 rules:

  1. Be kind
  2. Be safe
  3. Be responsible
‘Rules’ are reinforced by:

  • praise, attention and rewards for positive actions, effort, co-operation and caring attitudes.
  • management methods that are developmentally appropriate
  • consistency – children learn to trust adults who do what they say – even when they don’t always like it!
Rules are displayed and referred to often – Children ‘caught keeping rules’ are praised. Group effort and team work and co-operation may also be rewarded.