Ofsted Inspection Report
Updated Ofsted Report - 21st-22nd March 2018
Early years provision Outstanding

Children make remarkable progress during their time in the early years setting. Children typically arrive at the school with skills and knowledge that are well below those expected for their age. From this low starting point, adults work diligently with children to ensure that they catch up with other children nationally by the end of Reception.

Leaders are passionate about giving children the best possible start to their education. Leaders have created an environment that is welcoming and vibrant, which allows children to develop a love of learning.

Leaders and other adults know the children extremely well and they set up the learning to match their individual needs. Children benefit from one-to-one and small-group interactions when they need it. This helps many children to develop the vocabulary and skills that they do not have when they first arrive at the school.

The most able children are given lots of opportunities to develop their understanding at a faster rate. Adults plan very precisely to support children to be independent in their learning through high-quality and well-thought-out activities.

Skilled teaching assistants provide effective support and tailor activities for children who have SEN and/or disabilities. This helps meet the needs of these children and contributes to their learning and progress.

Adults are very effective at planning and engaging children in their learning with early reading and writing. They successfully introduce phonics and initial letter sounds in early years through play, and further develop this in Reception in a more formal way.

Leaders have been very successful in engaging parents. They have held coffee mornings, drop-in sessions and themed events to bring the parents into school and involve them in their children’s learning. This is impacting positively on children’s progress. Parents are overwhelmingly positive about the early years environment. One parent said, ‘It’s so great here I wish I could come back to school.’

Leaders put a high priority on keeping children safe and meeting their social and emotional needs. Leaders achieve this with a great deal of sensitivity and care.

Leaders prepare the children well for key stage 1. They make sure that they are not only ready for the learning, but they are also emotionally and socially prepared.

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