Jojo Siwa hairbands/bows

We have noticed that a small number of girls are wearing Jojo Siwa style hairbands/bows to school. These hairbands are not in accordance with our uniform policy as they are an assortment of different colours. They are also very large and can block  the view of other pupils in the classroom or in assemblies. Therefore, please do not allow your daughter to wear them in school. If they do wear them to school they may be asked to remove them.


Wet weather 

Once the weather turns wetter and colder the children are allowed to wear boots on their journey to and from school and when they are outside at lunchtimes/playtimes, but they must have a pair of school shoes/black trainers to change into for when they are indoors


Uniform Policy

Please click here to read our Uniform policy.

Key points to note are that Children are not permitted to wear earrings for PE. They have to be removed by the child. Only one pair of gold/silver studs or small sleepers may be worn.

Hair: Extreme hairstyles (such as shaved shapes/patterns or colours other than natural hair colours are not permitted. Hair longer than shoulder length should be tied back.

Makeup and nail varnish are not permitted.

Please remember to name all items of school uniform. 


Uniform Expectations 

We appreciate your co-operation in helping us to promote a high standard of expectations for our new uniform.



Grey/Black/White Tights

Black/Grey/White Socks

Purple Sweatshirts/Cardigan (Must have school logo)

White Polo Shirt

Grey Skirts/Trousers (No leggings)

Purple and White Gingham dresses (may be worn in summer months)

Hair bands – Black/Grey or matching purple

Earrings – Only studs allowed for pierced ears

No Jewellery

Footwear – Grey or Black Shoes or ALL BLACK trainers but please no other colour trainers or high heels.



Grey/Black Socks

Purple Sweatshirts (Must have school logo)

White Polo Shirt

Grey Trousers/Grey Shorts

Footwear – Grey or Black Shoes or ALL BLACK trainers but please no other colour trainers.


Indoor P.E

Plain White T-Shirt

Black Shorts

Black Plimsolls


Outdoor P.E

Sweatshirt (Any colour)

Jogging Bottoms (Any colour)


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