Ofsted Inspection Report

Little Stars Ofsted observations

Following an Ofsted inspection on 16th April 2013 here are some of the observations made by the inspectors regarding:

The quality and standards of the early years provision

  • Children are keen, motivated and excited about learning. They independently extend their natural curiosity by exploring the fun, stimulating and welcoming environment, which is well presented by knowledgeable and creative practitioners.
  • Children make very good progress.

 How well the early years provision meets the needs of the range of children who attend

  • The well-planned key person time provides good opportunities for children to become engaged in focused, adult-led activities.
  • Children spend valuable time acquiring good literacy skills.
  • Parents are encouraged to become actively involved in their children’s learning.

 The contribution of the early years provision to the well-being of children

  • The successful key person system ensures that all children form close and caring attachments with their special person.
  • The nursery environment is bright, welcoming and stimulating.

 The effectiveness of the leadership and management of the early years provision

  • Effective partnerships ensure that children with special educations needs and/or disabilities and vulnerable children receive the support that they need to make progress in their learning.
  • Partnerships with parents are very strong.

 Following the monitoring inspection of White Hall Academy by Ofsted, by inspector reported the following regarding:

Achievement of pupils at the academy

  • Half of the pupils who join the Reception class have spent time in the vibrant Nursery provision where their progress is well documented.

 The quality of leadership in,  and management of, the academy

  • Provision is well planned and resources are used well. Engagement with parents is strong and the child care provision offered in Little Sparkles has a very strong community support focus.


Please click here to view the full Ofsted Inspection Report. 

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