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Meetings with Teachers and Senior Staff

The beginning of the Academy day is a very busy time and although you may have important information to give to the class teacher or LSA, this needs to be kept short to allow for the registers to start and the class to settle to their work. If you need to meet with the class teacher, please make an appointment with them at a mutually agreed time.

Alternatively, you can contact your child's Year Group Phase Leader. Our Phase Leaders are available during the first part of the morning to discuss any concerns or issues you may have. The Phase Leaders for each year group are listed below.

During each term the class teachers have formal parents’ interviews over three evenings. We encourage all parents to attend these meetings as progress in the core subject areas will be discussed in detail as well as a summary of behaviour and attitudes towards work and Academy life. 

If you have any issues or concerns contact should be made as follows, starting with;

  • Class Teacher in the first instance
  • Phase Leader if unresolved  by the class teacher
  • Head of Academy/Deputy Head if the matter needs further attention


Staff list:

Head of Nursery       

Mrs Alison Cole   Phase Leader for Nursery and Reception

Main School

Mr Terry Cook



Miss Victoria Huxster


Phase leader for Reception

Miss Poppy White



Miss Karis Baxter



Miss Jo Copping & Miss Amy Bland



Mrs Dasha Grandtnerova


Phase leader for Year 1 and 2

Miss Zoe Ward



Miss Sam Harwood



Miss Keira Royds



Mrs Lindsey Stanhope



Mrs Carolyn Brown



Miss Charlotte Howie



Mr Oliver Tull



Miss Rachael Coppin



Mr John Croucher



Miss Sam Malseed



Mr Phil Cooper



Miss Hannah Finbow-Jeffery



Mrs Faye Gardner



Miss Alex Williams



Miss Emma Smith



Mrs Fionna Swift



Mr Dan Twyman


Phase leader for Year 5 and 6


Mrs Jane James                      Teacher

Mrs Lorraine Leach                 Teacher

Mrs Emma Tweed                   Teacher                                   Phase leader for Year 3 and 4

Mrs Priscilla Wadsworth          Teacher


PPA cover teachers

Miss Kirstine Blackwell

Mrs Jo Bonnett

Mrs Sara Cooke

Ms Jan Williams


PE Teachers

Miss Wendy Smith
Mr Sam Swift
MFL teacher

Mrs Anne Herbert
Heads Team

Head of Academy            Mr Gavin Bradley
Deputy Head                    Mrs Ellie Eames
SEN Team

SENCo                             Mrs Helen Pearce

EYFS SENCo                   Mrs Tracy Baker

KS1 SENCo                     Mrs Louise Warland

Pupil and staff support co-ordinator   Miss Suzy Watts

Learning Mentor               Miss Kayleigh Hanmore

Speech and Language     Mrs Karen Johnson and Mrs Karina Kitchener

Miss Tracy Barrett, Mrs Rebecca Bleeze, Miss Barbara Booth, Mrs Magdelana Bright, Mrs Jo Casey, Miss Chloe Cavell, Mrs Vickie Clarke, Mrs Gill Cole, Miss Lucy Croll, Mrs Linda Demirkol, Mrs Maggie Dench, Miss Anita Doo, Mr Sean Duffy, Mrs Janette Gearey, Mrs Lisa Golding,Miss Charlotte Hartman, Mrs Clare Hopkinson, Mrs Debbie Kidby, Mrs Sarah Killick, Mrs Janet King, Mrs Lisa Larkin, Mrs Nicky Leavens, Mrs Vinnie Lilley, Mrs Jo Lione, Miss Dion Little, Miss Caroline Martin, Mrs Brenda Millson, Miss Danielle Milner,Mrs Rosa Morley-Souter, Mrs Annette Moore, Mrs Gaynor Moore, Mrs Sarah Moore, Miss Hannah Murphy, Mrs Lynne Nicholls, Mrs Jodie Pacey, Mrs Sarah Pearce, Mrs Vicky Perotti, Mrs Ros Philbey, Miss Cassie Pryor, Miss Lisa Rea, Mrs Tracy Serafin, Miss Georgia Siequien, Mrs Julie Shuttlewood, Mrs Amanda Skelly, Mrs Donna Stainton, Mrs Jo Stilwell, Mrs Angie Stubbings, Mrs Justine Stubbs, Mr Jamie Timms, Mrs Julie Turner, Mrs Donna Tutton, Mrs Frances Walker, Mrs Wendy Whitear, Ms Toni Wooden.

Senior MDA

Mrs Jo Stillwell
Cook in Charge

Mrs Teresa O’Shea
Admin Team

Bursar                             Mr Peter Brazewell
Office Manager               Mrs Chris Smith
Receptionist                    Miss Julie Hawkins
Finance Assistants          Mrs Amanda Smith and Miss Mel Waters
Heads Assistant              Mrs Lorraine Batt
Site Manager

Mr Paul Nevard

Grounds Staff

Mr Chris Packard

Mr Barry Smith


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